Acktiva Review

Acktiva or Acktiva Coral Calcium as it is sometimes known as a form of “dietary calcium supplement” that is designed to help strengthen your bones.

Acktiva coral calciumUnlike other supplements Acktiva is only designed to prevent against arthritis and bone loss rather than helping to treat those who are already suffering with the symptoms.

What is Acktiva made from?

The main ingredient is Coral calcium that is believed to be more beneficial than other forms of calcium.

It also contains Magnesium Staerate, Vitamin D, Yielding Calcium, Rice Powder and Gelatin.

Issues with the use of Acktiva

Studies have shown that certain types of coral may contain traces of strontium, manganese and even uranium, which are all bad for your health.

The main issue however is the fact that this supplement will not help you one bit if you already have the condition.

Is Acktiva recommended?

If you wish to prevent arthritis then taking a supplement like this may help. However if you are unfortunate to be suffering the debilitating effects of arthritis then this is certainly not the best option available to you.

What is the best option?

The most popular way to treat arthritis is by taking an NSAID, although these often have side effects and can only be used for a short while.

For a long-term solution you may want to try a herbal supplement such as Provailen.

Provailen is made from natural ingredients such as Reishi that will not only help treat your symptoms but also prevent further damage to your joints.

Unlike Acktiva, Provailen is not made from coral calcium so you will not intake any potentially harmful chemicals.

So to ease your pain, reduce the inflammation maybe you should try Provailen for yourself.

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